WELCOME! We hope our website inspires you to get out there in the amazing nature and we are glad you want to know a little bit more about us.

Being nature-loving and adventurous by heart, we have both travelled a lot before we stumbled into each other in 2016. A non-exhaustive list includes the stunning Disco Bay area in Greenland, the green Emerald Isle of Ireland, fascinating national parks in the U.S., the mesmerizing Halong Bay in Vietnam, the High Lands of Scotland, the mountains of High Tatras in Slovakia, rain forests in Malaysia and we could keep going…

So when our paths crossed, we could combine our passion for the outdoor with a lot of rewarding moments in fantastic nature in return.

When we are not hiking or travelling, we live together in Copenhagen. Kia is originally from the eastern part of Jutland in Denmark – locally known as Søhøjlandet, an area enriched with deep lakes and beautiful forests. Bo is from Præstø, the southern part of Zealand, where you can experience spectacular nature such as Præstø Fjord and Møns Klint (the great white cliffs).

Also, we are environmentalists by heart and finds it highly important to raise awareness of our precious but fragile nature, which we aspire to do through this blog.

So please dig into our blog and get inspired!

Hope to see you out there!


Kia & Bo